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Mama's Dead

de James Brown / pe Black Caesar / an 1992


Mama's dead, never again would she hold my hand

Never again to hear her call my name

How I miss it much more than I show, I miss it, oh

My mama's dead

No one to talk to when I'm, when I'm feelin' low

No one 'stand me when I, when I go too far

I need help, help, what will I do without help?

She tried so hard to make me a respectable man

She didn't really know me and she didn't really understand

She worked like a slave and prayed hard everyday

What did I do for her? My way was not her way

But now she's gone, her troubles are over, the pain is gone

I wish, I had made her proud to call me son

'Cause I love her more than she knows

More than she knew I love her

No one to cry, no one to sit by the bed side

No one to watch the light in my window

No one, no one to come in

Come in and pull the cover over my head at night

No one to say, son, everything will be alright

No one to say, somebody up there loves us

Lay your head on mama's breast and rest, yeah

Everybody got a mother and you know what I'm talking about

Mama's dead, mama's dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead

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