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Sharkeys Day

de Laurie Anderson / an -


Sun's coming up. like a big bald head. poking up over the grocery store. it's sharkey's day. it's sharkey's day today. sharkey wakes up and sharkey says: there was this man... and there was this
...and if only i could remember these dreams... i know they're trying to tell me...something. ooooeee. strange dreams.(strange dreams). oh yeah. and sharkey says: i turn around, it's fear. i tur
Und aagain and it's love. oh yeah. strange dreams. and the little girls sing:oooee sharkey. and the manager says: mr. sharkey? he's not at his desk right now. could i take a message? and the lit
Irls sing:oooeee sharkey. he's mister heartbreak. they sing: oooeee sharkey. yeah. he's mister heartbreak. and sharkey says: all of nature talks to me. if i could just figure out what it was try
O tell me. listen! trees are swinging in the breeze. they're talking to me. insects are rubbing their legs together. they're all talking. they're talking to me. and short animals- they're buckin
On their hind legs. talking.
Talking to me. hey! look out! bugs are crawling up my legs! you know? i'd rather see this on tv. tones it down. and sharkey says: i turn around, it's fear. i turn around again, and it's love. no
Knows me. nobody knows my name. and sharkey says: all night long i think of those little planes up there. flying around. uyou can't even see them. they're specks! and they're full of tiny people
Ng places. and sharkey says: you know? i bet they could all land on the head of a pin. and the little girls sing: ooooeee. sharkey! he's mister heartbreak. they sing: oooeee. that sharkey! he's
W dance on the edge of the lake. he's a whole landscape gone to seed. he's gone wild! he's screeching tires on an oil slick at midnight on the road to boston a long time ago. and sharkey says: l
! camera! action! tim

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